PRUDE-SHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM — A British teacher has quit her role as an educator because her school thinks her Facebook photos are too titillating.

Lydia Ferguson told British tabloid The Sun how she got into bust up with management at Ousedale School over her social media images. They thought she was being too risque with her cleavage and legs showing. She was accused of being too “sultry” and was escorted from the school.

In her defense, Ferguson told the Sun she wouldn’t post anything her grandad wouldn’t approve of.

A pupil at the school created a petition to get the 39-year-old mother of three back. It reportedly received 250 signatures from pupils and supporters. But it wasn’t to be, Ferguson resigned, saying she “couldn’t go back.”

“I’m no longer employed there”, Ferguson told the Sun. “I just don’t want the stress of it anymore, my family have been through enough of it. It’s taken up quite a lot of my life which has been quite hard.”

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